SIT Community Event Summer 2018

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The summer SIT Community Event was held in Rho-Fiera Milano on 19th July 2018, where SIT took part in the second edition of Campus Party, the event focusing on innovation and technology with more than 10,000 visitors, guests and speakers known at an international level.

SIT and SITPolito presented two workshops: “Designing Plastic Free Oceans” and “Communication with social impact: the challenge”.

The first workshop, linked to SIT project New Life to Plastic, was presented by Nicolò Ceruti, member of the team, who commented on Campus Party:

Thanks to my collaboration with SIT – Social Innovation Teams I could take part in this event focused on technological innovation organised by Campus Party. I found the days very interesting and a starting point for new ideas. The key points were sharing, work and passion, which let me confront with other people interested in topics such as environmental sustainability, especially plastic pollution in the oceans.

My project, and therefore my workshop, focuses on this problem: plastic pollution is one of the most threatening problems for the oceans’ health and a serious danger for marine biodiversity. The project “New Life To Plastic” aims at facing the current disposal systems in the poorest areas of the developing countries to reduce the amount of plastic and create an ecosystem through the promotion of an efficient use of the resources to prevent the destruction of the local environment.

The activities promoted during Campus Party workshops aimed at designing new picking systems that, once produced, will be donated to local fishermen in Zanzibar to help them in the picking and therefore to create a new source of income.

The second workshop instead was linked to SITPolito’s project DeltaWaves and was introduced by Davide Viglialoro, president of SITPolito, who commented the event:

Campus Party was an amazing and constructive experience, both for SITPolito and for me at a personal level. The activity we presented with the team let us to come into contact with people interested in social topics and that reacted very well to our challenge.

During our workshop, they could use their skills in social communication producing a video aimed at promoting awareness on a problem very dear to us: the earthquakes occurred in these years in Italy. In order to help the areas hit by earthquakes, the team SITPolito is implementing a very important project called DeltaWaves which involves the use of a platform hardware Arduino to create a low cost seismograph which can be easily installed in every building.”

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