SIT Community Event Winter 2017

SIT Community EventInverno2017

On Thursday 30th November we held the end-of-year event of SIT Community with Light Dinner and Music at La Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.

The place we chose this year has a particular meaning: Lotto 15 is granted by the City of Milan, a place that is going to house cultural projects based on sustainability and social innovation.

During the event, the community presented its new cultural project, SITArtist, a project aimed at showing new young artists whose work is linked to social and environmental engagement.

Art as a means of dialogue, awareness of contemporary issues, art as impact on the community we want to interact with, art as a trigger of reflection.

This first meeting gave us the opportunity to explore all these ideas thanks to artists who share our objectives and represented a symbol of space and project activation:

  • Ascanio – Painter, muralist, live painter e serigrapher who, with just using a brush and traditional painting techniques, creates large murals; beside taking part in contexts and exhibitions, Ascanio develops interdisciplinary projects;
  • Virginia Dal Magro – young painter who exhibited her works in Milan, Tokyo and in Czech Republic and is now developing the project “Serra” together with the curator Rachele De Franco: a project aimed at adding value to the octagonal newsstand inside the railways station of Lancetti, in Milan;
  • Cristina Cojucaru and Anastasia Di Lorenzo, whose video “SIT with Me” was shown during the evening, with music of Alfonso Di Rosa, in which are analysed social relations in a public space in an active art form.

The catering service was provided by the social cooperative Aromi a tutto Campo: an organisation which, among the several social initiatives it promotes, employs and involves people from mental health centres of Milan in an innovative and original catering activity ranging from the production of raw materials to food service.

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