SIT Community Summer Event 2019

SIT Community Summer Event 2019

The SIT community event of summer 2019 was held on July 25 at Ostello Bello Grande in Milano, famous for being one of the liveliest and coziest places in the Lombard capital. 

As every year, the community gathered to tell each other the latest news and say goodbye before the summer vacations, but there was no shortage of opportunities to talk about new projects promoted by the various SIT teams.

SITPolimi and SITPolito told us about what’s new at Campus Party, the event dedicated to innovation and technology that annually registers more than 10,000 attendees and internationally renowned speakers. In this 2019 edition, our guys held a workshop on the creation and structuring of landing pages and chatbots, which included a theoretical part first and a practical one later, letting participants experience the “ManyChat” platform. 

The founder of Social Innovation Teams, Paolo Landoni, presented to the community the entry of new startups into SIT Entrepreneurship: young, innovative and with high social impact.

But the news of the year was announced by Federica Tirone, Project Manager of SIT Global South regarding the activation of new partnerships in the Global South. Starting today, our volunteers will be able to discover a dynamic and transforming context such as Uganda, having the opportunity to do an internship or research period at Social Innovation Academy and Yunus Social Business.

Thank you to those who have kept us company so far and a welcome to the new members!

The SIT-Social Innovation Teams


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