SIT Community Winter Event 2019

Sit Community Winter Event 2019

The 2019 SIT community winter event was held on December 11th at Unconventional Loft, a friendly space located in the heart of Via Tortona.

The meeting was an opportunity to catch up on the goals we have achieved and future developments in the community.

During the evening Davide Viglialoro, coordinator of SIT Universities, the student organizations created to develop innovation projects within universities, made a speech.

Federica Tirone, on the other hand, told us about the developments of SITGlobalSouth, the international volunteer program that involves students, young professionals and innovative startups in countries of the global south.

Three startups from our community presented their activitie: Midori, which makes smart metering and energy analysis tools for companies and citizens; Krilldesign, which uses waste from different production processes to create products through 3D printing; and Phidias, which helps startups make their products with the lowest environmental impact technologies and materials.

The evening brought together students, innovators and social entrepreneurs, accompanied by food and drinks from Kampaay, another startup in the SIT family.

SIT’s Winter Event was not only a time to exchange greetings, but also an opportunity to circulate ideas for new projects from a community that is increasingly desirous of growing and making a significant social impact.


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