SIT Winter Community Event 2018


5th  December 2018

The winter community event took place on 5th December 2018 at “Il Cielo sotto Milano”, an innovative space in the mezzanine floor of Porta Vittoria station. A theatre with more than 100 seats and a place suitable for a nice evening.

As usual, it was the occasion to talk about the new projects promoted by our community.

During the event SIT Entrepreneurship was presented, a new program to support entrepreneurship. Giorgio Agrò explained that it could help companies in writing a business plan, in marketing and social impact analysis, crowdfunding campaigns, etc. 

Two new enterprises were also introduced to the community.

For the SITArs project, Cecilia D’Urso and Elisabetta Stanga showed their artistic photos. Cecilia studied the beauty of the human body and expressed with a unique style, while Elisabetta caught the magic of art in the street, capturing the eyes of the artists, of passers-by, telling cities and places.

When asked “What is art for you?” Cecilia replied, “First of all, it is a way to survive. Through art and imagination, I created my world and my way to communicate with people around me. Studying art is good for eyes and soul, it enriches you and that’s the reason why it should be the foundation to social research and development. Art is not something designed just for an elite group as it is usually thought, but it is the human track left during time. Art is human heritage.”


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