SIT Winter Community Event 2021

winter event

This year’s SIT Community Winter Event was held online. On Thursday, December 17, 2021, cocktail hour, we entered each of the participants’ homes to toast the successes of this extraordinary year and the goals we want to achieve in the future. 

Paolo Landoni reported the results of SITEntrepreneurship and showed the numbers of growth: today, compared to a year ago, more startups are part of the Community and the number of volunteers supporting them has more than doubled.  

Then Argia Galliano, SIT Community Manager, illustrated the potential of SITGlobalSouth, the international mobility program that has suffered greatly from the restrictions of this past year, but which has all the makings of great opportunities for students and professionals who want to support innovative realities in Europe and around the world.

The activities of the University SIT were recounted by the student association presidents themselves. Recruitment campaigns have allowed university groups to grow and create internally specialized teams that collaborate to organize training and advocacy events, and innovation projects with significant social impact, inside and outside the university.  

The event was highly participatory and interactive and also featured entertainment made possible by the generosity of the Community’s significant social impact startups: Atelier Riforma, Biorfarm, Biova, Kampaay, Krill Design, Orangogo, and Ricompro offered their products and services to create 10 gift packs that were raffled off to attendees. 

Even without physical contact, the SIT Community found in the Winter Event a space to meet and unite, to share, to design, and to remember the value of innovation and entrepreneurship with significant social impact. 

Happy Holidays!

SIT – Social Innovation Teams


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