Solution Workshop Squiseat

A new way to handle leftovers

Squiseat Copertina di Facebook 2

Squiseat is an anti-waste app based in Bologna and also active in Milan. The App is designed for establishments (delicatessens, fresh pasta, bakeries, pizzerias, etc.)

How does it work?

The restaurant indicates in the app which products and how many portions wants to sell and for how long. The products are 50% off the retail price.
The customer geolocates himself (it is possible to view premises within a radius of 30 km), chooses from which establishment to order, which and how many products, directly via the app.
Unlike other similar applications, you can choose the food to buy, so you can adjust to allergies and food preferences.
The customer comes to the store in the collection time slots set by the local and collects his order.

The challenge

The goal of the workshop was to find together a solution to increase the participation of merchants on the Squiseat app, thanks to the development of an ambassador program that can be relevant (and fun!) also for buyers.

The solution workshop

Through an empathy session, the groups first identified with the buyer and then with the typical merchant of the app, in order to gather the main insights of the two users. After analyzing and assimilating the two different points of view, the ambassador journey through which to recruit new merchants was developed.

The acquisition of new retailers will have to take place through the development of a gamification strategy that sees app users as the main protagonists. Gamification is a strategy that transforms the user experience into a game, makes the user the protagonist and builds loyalty and brand awareness.

Through the development of a game we therefore want to stimulate the user, encouraging him to improve himself for a final goal or a prize. The uniqueness lies in the ability to engage the player in an action, which leads to a result, winning or losing, depending on the capabilities of the player himself.