Sportfulness is a project related to the world of sports that aims to make mental training services accessible to athletes through a multidisciplinary approach and specific pathways. The belief that the mind can make a difference in sports is no longer a secret, and Sportfulness aims to demonstrate this with its services. Additionally, thanks to applied neuroscience, the startup is working on developing the first cognitive well-being index that will be specific and indicative for each athlete.

To understand the value of these services, it is important to know that there is a growing ecosystem of athletes defined as “competitive athletes.” These athletes are not professionals but are dedicated, training, and competing to achieve performance and results. In Italy, there are about 13 million competitive athletes registered in various Federations.

These athletes have two main priorities:

  1. Achieving satisfactory performance
  2. Finding a good level of Sport-Life balance

The idea of Sportfulness arose from the founder Jennifer Isella’s (a competitive track and field athlete) need to experience sports more consciously through a mindfulness training program. This journey led her over the past two years to a careful listening to the target audience, discovering, unsurprisingly, that more and more athletes like her would like to receive mental coaching but face some difficulties in doing so.

The difficulties are mainly due to two obstructive factors:

  1. The cost of mental coaching services currently on the market
  2. The cost (in terms of time) of traveling to and from the professional

Sportfulness can help athletes achieve both of these priorities by overcoming current obstacles through access to a platform of personalized pathways with professionals of different specializations (sports psychologists, mindfulness teachers, Yoga instructors, etc.).

The pathways are managed online, the prices are affordable, and bookings can be made directly from the website with total simplicity.

Furthermore, thanks to the R&D project, the startup is working through applied neuroscience to develop a cognitive well-being index that will be measurable and usable by all our athletes, with a view to improving sports performance.

It targets a market, the wellness sector, which in recent years has recorded a revenue of $6 trillion and is growing, according to analysts, by 8.6% year over year. The two verticals they refer to are Sport (physical activity) and Mental Health.

The ambition of Sportfulness is to become the reference platform for all athletes who want to improve their performance in training and competition, while also working holistically on their psychophysical well-being by adopting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

WEBSITE: www.sportfulness.it

PROJECT LEADER: Jennifer Isella

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Competitive athletes

AREAS: Wellness, sport, mental health


STATUS: Pre-launch



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