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Squiseat: 50% off price, 100% anti-waste service

Squiseat is a platform that allows users to buy surplus food at 50% of its listed price via app, available for iOS and Android. Registered users can use geolocalisation to view, within a 30km radius, affiliated businesses and available products, which can be selected and purchased directly through the app and collected on site. Squiseat enhances the value of surplus food by providing benefits for both customers, who can book and buy high quality food at a discount price, and affiliated food businesses, who can reduce the risk of financial losses and be able to plan their operations more accurately and with greater foresight. A food surplus can be any type of product that is unsold at the end of the day, and therefore risks being thrown away even though it is still in excellent condition. Such a service helps to reduce environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and triggers a virtuous circle as resources are used more responsibly. In addition, the service contributes to raising awareness about environmental sustainability issues, as through Squiseat it is possible to rediscover the true value of products, generating a positive impact on customers’ consumption habits.

Squiseat was founded in Bologna in 2019, following a chat between friends Alberto Drusiani, Luca Morosini, Gabriele Calarota, and Ossama Gana. The four founders, who were students at the University of Bologna at that time, took part in the StartUp Day jointly organised with Almacube, the University’s start-up and business incubator, presenting their idea to tackle the problem of food waste in the food industry, which was selected as one of the best thirty. Once the business model of the newborn company had been defined, the four founders started their business in Bologna, the city where the service was tested and validated; the project first took shape in a WhatsApp group, then moved to Telegram, until the launch of their own anti-waste app, which currently has an average of 10,000 downloads. Aiming at expanding to all major Italian cities by 2023, the company is preparing to become the first 100% transparent anti-waste business.

WEBSITE:  www.squiseat.it

PROJECT LEADERS: Alberto Drusiani, Gabriele Calarota, Luca Morosini and Ossama Gana

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Food Services, GDO and Responsible Consumers

AREAS: Environment, Circular Economy and Food&Beverage


STATUS: Active



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