Innovative Smart Health Solutions

Private and public hospitals are sophisticated businesses with processes you need to track, analyze and constantly plan. Bed, operation rooms management, medicine and medical equipment supply, work shift, and workers’ satisfaction are part of a complex system, which needs to work well in order to offer a quick, first-rate quality treatment service, offered by top-quality staff.

SurigQ is an innovative startup, which provides solutions and services able to manage those difficult tasks through artificial intelligence algorithms. Those algorithms let you analyze and get help in order to get a successful result. Hospitals and clinics can take big advantage in managing more efficiently, at lower cost their business, by optimizing resources and re-investing them into new ones, hiring more people, improving their organization, focusing on patients through the engagement, the cooperation and the satisfaction of the medical staff. So, patients get a better, quicker, and a high quality service.

Why choosing us? Why our solution is so innovative and competitive? We develop our products by the latest technologies (artificial intelligence algorithms, cloud computing and high security standards) in order to guarantee an easy-to-use and consumer-friendly product. We don’t force enterprises to change their own already running software, but we take advantage of those software in order to collect data and make our services work in an integrated and non-invasive way.




PROJECT TYPE: Entrepreneurship program

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Hospitals and private clinics, patients

AREAS: Digital Health, Artificial Intelligence, Technology & ICT


PARTNER AND SPONSOR: E.O. Ospedali Galliera, Genova

STATUS: Ongoing


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