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Sustainable Brand Platform

Sustainable Brand Platform (SBP)

Sustainable Brand Platform (SBP) is a cloud platform that digitizes impact data from companies in the fashion industry by simplifying the way in which they measure, improva and communicate their sustainability performance. 

The project stems from the wish to speed up the transition of the fashion sector towards circular and sustainable practices. SPB promotes a model in which strategic sustainable choices are based on reliable and measurable primary data, overcoming the current approach tied to certifications and audit.  

The proprietary technology of SPB enables companies to digitize and automate the procedures of measurement and control of sustainability performance, making data not only available in real time, but also practical for business strategies. In addition, it optimizes the value chain procedures by accelerating the way in which data is shared, therefore reducing costs and supporting the activities that lead to the decarbonization of the chain.  

SITO WEB:  https://www.sustainablebrandplatform.com/

PROJECT LEADER: Enzo Maria Savelli

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Fashion Companies: Manufacturing Companies, Fashion Brands

FIELDS: Sustainable Fashion; Digital Transformation, Sustainability Data Management, Circular Economy


STATUS: Active


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