Team Different


We put mental health at the heart of everything

TeamDifferent is a startup that promotes psychological well-being at work, allowing companies to focus on the serenity of team members.

In the world there are about 300 million cases of depression due to work (source: OMS) and in Italy the trend of people dissatisfied with their job is particularly worrying: only 4% of workers are satisfied with their job, 49% habitually live a stressful work situation and 45% feel deeply dissatisfied.

This has a major impact on businesses and their ability to attract new talent. A striking example are the voluntary resignations of recent years.

We need to intervene on the emotional well-being of workers and lead companies to focus on their mental health.

For this reason, TeamDifferent provides companies with a risk management platform that allows them to monitor the level of psychological stress of the team, the risks and well-being of people in the company. Offering workers the opportunity to receive online psychological support from qualified professionals in the network.

It is a solution that aims to increase awareness of mental health in the world of work and, above all, to bring companies to have a real impact on people and society.


Project Leaders: Lorenzo Tedeschi, Riccardo Ciciriello, Felice Paparusso

Main Beneficiaries: SMEs, Large Enterprises, HR, Employers

Areas: Social Impact, Human Resources, Occupational Health

Country: Italy

Status: Go to Market 


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