Tommaso – PRAYAS – India

Tommaso PRAYAS India

Research and Innovation project

July – September 2017

“Thanks to SIT I had the chance to spend two months in India, in particular in Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, in a non-governmental organisation: “Prayas”.

The main task was to collect data for my final thesis; moreover, I learnt a lot about their work methods in the field of microcredit. I spent the first part of my experience in understanding how variables are defined and in collecting data, then I analysed them in depth.

The employees in Prayas were very helpful and helped me a lot, both in things related to my job and other needs. In particular, the Director Bhadresh, the responsible for the social development Vhidesh and Ghanshyam, a person I became friend with, always game good advice on how to cope with daily life … In India you will need this!

Besides, during the weekend I had the chance to travel and discover difficult but at the same time fascinating places and, above all, situations.

This experience allowed me not just to improve my knowledge in statistics, but it also changed me. The happiness and the smiles I saw on Indian faces, despite their poor living conditions, game me the strength to cope with the most difficult moments and to get used to a life style that is very different from our European one.

Today that I am comfortably seated at my desk I think of all the different experiences I had and I feel different, I feel I have grown up and that I’m ready to discover new cultures and to learn from these as I did thanks to India.”



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