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It’s well known that digital technology is now a fundamental part of our lives and that its implications have a strong influence on our community, on its habits and behaviors, both positively and negatively. 

We have at our disposal an incredible amount of digital tools and these offer us a wide range of services, which are often hindered by barriers such as cost and the difficulty of their use. These barriers prevent them from being used by every individual and commercial activity, especially in those places that are not as developed as the rest of the country because of their geographical position or size.

Digital technology could become a double edged sword capable of offering us incredible opportunities, but also, enhancing the already existing technological, social and economical gap between big cities and less urbanized areas.

Townforyou is a web platform developed with the idea of creating a digital ecosystem which reflects these areas and communities, the site comprehends most of the digital technologies that are of everyday use, such as e-commerce; booking of services and events online; and promotion and communication. It aims to be an innovative digital transposition of the less urbanized area, capable of conveying its characteristics and peculiarities, allowing the user to live both online and offline without any break in continuity and democratizing the use of digital technologies.  

Townforyou is a startup that combines its digital values with its social values. By offering easily accessible digital services it wants to promote the development of less urbanized areas and reduce the gap between these and the more economically and technologically advanced areas, such as big cities. From a social point of view, the educational aspect of the platform is very important, so much so that the attention given to user experience and ease of use are aimed at reducing the technological gap, allowing the less digital accustomed to better their digital skills. 


PROJECT LEADER: Massimo Vitali, Gianmarco Bertolani, Federico Bertolani

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Businesses, catering businesses, services,local event planners, clubs, local societies.

FIELDS: territorial promotion, Economy & Management, Technology & ICT


STATUS: Active


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