We help companies improve and monitor employees well-being

Trainect is the Italian innovative start-up that provides a gamified wellbeing platform for companies. Through wellbeing contents, dedicated assessments and reports, Trainect co-create a wellbeing journey together with the company.

MYTrainect is the app that will accompany all employees on a wellbeing journey based on:

1) Contents: a way to offer a pathway to improve wellbeing through a selection of videos, podcasts and blogs on 5 macro areas of wellbeing: physical, mental, social, emotional and financial.

These are vertical and short contents on the employe created with the best professionals in the different fields.

2) Gamification: an interactive and fun pathway, which starts by discovering your level of wellbeing thanks to the questionnaire and with a set of goals to be achieved. Through individual and team corporate challenges related to wellbeing: you will be able to test yourself and your colleagues by strengthening the team.

3) Reporting and sustainability: every improvement on the platform made on an individual and corporate level will be converted into donations to organisations with a high social and environmental impact, thus contributing to improving the life of the entire community.



MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Italian companies that want to be supported on corporate wellbeing strategies

AREAS: Wellbeing/ HR Tech


STATUS: Active


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