Truffle Market

Truffle Market

In Italy there are 200,000 truffle farmers who go into the woods every morning to collect the product of excellence of Italian gastronomy.

Even today, as in the days of the Malavoglia, wholesalers get rich effortlessly buying for nothing that truffle that cost so much sweat of the brow.

Truffle Market automates and secures the processes of payment, sales, shipping, taxation, and most importantly, the promotion of the truffle found by the individual truffle farmer, in a market with more demand and less supply.

We also believe in the importance of supporting truffle farmers and the ecosystem in which they operate. We want truffle farmers to be recognized for their crucial role as sentinels of Italy’s forests.

Sales on Truffle Market are not subject to wholesaler prices and no minimum quantities are required so as to discourage unsustainable harvesting practices.

Direct contact with the harvesters guarantees a uniquely fresh product, which arrives from the quarryman to the consumer without intermediate hand-offs, and a highly competitive price.

Don’t wait any longer, download the Truffle Market app now and start discovering the best truffles on the market. Directly from the quarrymen.

App available for Android and Iphone


PROJECT LEADER: Enad Germani, Keivan Motavalli, Nazareno Camia

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Consumers, Truffle growers.

AREAS: Environment, Food&Beverage


STATUS: Active


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