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Up2You is the certified greentech and B Corp startup that allows companies to reduce their environmental impact. It offsets its CO₂ emissions, and then certifies its commitment on the blockchain.

Up2You creates digital tools to make every company greener and offers products to measure, reduce and offset emissions, but also to involve its employees.

It supports sustainable projects with social and environmental impact, capable of capturing CO₂, preserving forests, protecting ecosystems and developing sustainable technologies.

The variety of digital products offered by Up2You allows any type of business to embark on its own green path:

  • Neutral Company, the simplest and most effective way to start the corporate path towards carbon neutrality. Calculate, reduce and offset your carbon footprint thanks to a platform that is easy to use and can be monitored at any time.
  • PlaNet, the green agency engagement platform that trains and does team building. Challenge your work team with quizzes and green missions, on a corporate path towards environmental sustainability.
  • Neutral Event, the solution for organizing corporate events and participation in fairs in the name of environmental sustainability, calculating, reducing and offsetting the impact of the event.

SITO WEB: www.u2y.io

PROJECT LEADER: Cristina Mannini


AREAS: services for companies, tech, sustainability


STATUS: active


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