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Helping those who help

VillageCare is a web platform offering guidance and support to children caring for frail elderly parents. The founders, an all-female team, are themselves “caregivers” of parents in difficulty and offer their experience in the social welfare, insurance and non-profit sectors. 

The platform allows “caregivers” to take advantage of a number of services: the “Do it yourself” search engine, articles, practical guides to consult independently and a network of professionals in the sector, such as psychologists, doctors and counsellors, with whom they can start a tailor-made consultancy process for guidance and the search for solutions, throughout Italy, via web, telephone and Skype.

VillageCare is an innovative startup with a social vocation, committed to supporting families in overcoming moments of fragility of their loved ones, related to ageing or specific diseases. It provides a range of services to both individuals and companies in the field of corporate welfare and training on the issues of work-life balance and corporate welfare.

WEBSITE: https://www.villagecare.it/

PROJECT LEADERS: Paola Casalino, Jennifer Della Lucia, Silvia Turzio


TYPE OF PROJECT: Entrepreneurial project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Families caring for frail elderly. 

AREAS: Health, Technology & ICT


STATUS: Active


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