Vipul – PRAYAS – India

Vipul Prayas India

Research and innovation project

September – October 2016

“As a traveller, personally I think I could not ask for more, perfect time to move out of the most polluted city in the world those days i.e. Delhi, got to eat South Indian food, Gujrati food otherwise it would have been a missed opportunity.

It was a pleasant stay at Prayas’ guest house. Though missed out on visiting few famous places like Akhsardham, but I guess that could be my motivation to travel back to Ahmedabad again. I reckon, personally, that you don’t feel more satisfied than acknowledging the fact that you are not just travelling but are in fact utilizing the time to the most.

Moreover, I was independent on scheduling meeting with clients, had to take my own decision on what to do next. It was not very easy at the same time, knowing that my timings are disturbing Prayas’ debt recollection and deposition in the bank with reminding you the fact that India had demonetized couple of currency bills, resulted chaotic huge queues in the bank. So, my leadership quality was tested to the full and helped me make more responsible about my work.

I could use my technical knowledge of product designing. I could apply the concepts of supply chain management, operations, supplier relationship management.

Overall it was a great learning experience as I got the opportunity to meet few philanthropists. I got to learn about Microfinance and the process of providing the microfinance, Rural Development, Enterprise Development, Training, Performance Management System, Social Service, Programme Implementation, Process Improvement Initiatives, Quality Management etc.

I am extremely thankful to each member of Social Innovation Teams, exceptionally welcoming Mr. Bhadresh and Prayas Employees.”



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