Wyblo is a Learning Experience platform designed to bring the focus back on in the learning process.

By simplifying administrative procedures and guaranteeing educators the possibility of constantly improving training courses thanks to real-time analytics, Wyblo is the solution designed for professional training, for freelancers and for training schools that aim for quality training.

The idea behind Wyblo originated in the academic context under the name of Edu Enhancement with the goal of answering to a common problem: the gap between students and teachers. By allowing the gathering of continuous feedback before, during and after the course, the platform guaranteed a voice to students and simple and intuitive data for teachers to use as a guide to continuously improve the education offered.

Celebrating the value of digitalization, training, and innovation, under the banner of EdTech, Wyblo then turned to the world of professional training transforming itself into the solution that, free from the rigid structure of traditional learning management systems, allows you to maximize the learning experience by automating internal and administrative processes.

Wyblo currently has numerous significant partnerships, in the full belief that the connections, networks and relationships are as important to a startup as the originating idea.

WEBSITE: www.wyblo.com/it 

PROJECT MANAGER: Kevin Giorgis, Stefano Marchese

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Vocational training, freelancers, training schools

AREAS: education, innovation, digitization, partnership


STATUS: Active


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