DOT Glasses – Affordable eyecare for everyone.

In places like Europe, there has been such a huge success at addressing eyecare issues that the need for eyeglasses is no longer referred to as a disability. Yet, this remains the largest unmet disability in the world, affecting 1 billion people.

For example, 75% of people in Kenya are unable to access eye care services. Even for those who can, many are faced with glasses costing almost a month’s income. The impact of this is enormous. Without glasses it is hard to live a quality and productive life. A student without glasses is 3x more likely to fall behind!

We at DOT Glasses manufacture and distribute an innovative technology that enables free eye testing and affordable eyeglasses to be distributed to any community around the world. This is done without subsidy and without relying on eye specialists, of which there are very few.

Our distributors are able to provide corrective eyeglasses in under 5 minutes for only 3-7 USD. The testing and assembly for each patient is done on-site within 5 minutes, without needing a vision care specialist.

Main Activities 

  • Telling the impact story through videos using testimonials, live action shots and other.
  • Utilising existing raw footage to produce content.
  • Capturing and producing video content for multiple uses.
  • Development of marketing adverts showcasing complex concepts clearly and effectively.
  • Development of training videos.

Required skills

  • Conversational level of English.
  • Demonstrated excellent skills in video production.
  • Experience with story mapping is an advantage.
  • Experience using video editing software such as Adobe Premier Pro
  • Adaptable and inquisitive.
  • Highly organised and good at meeting deadlines.
  • Able to work independently.
  • Are looking to develop yourself and face new challenges.

Other details

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Preferred period: Any time

Duration: At least 3 months – In-person, option to have part online if required

Working hours: Full-time

Accommodation: Paid accommodation available

Other benefits: Safari, games nights and an unreasonable amount of fun


Notes and information:

The SIT Global project applies a fee charged to participants to cover the administrative and management costs of the experience.

The expenses could be covered by university scholarships. We can support you with the process.

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